Recalibrate: 10 Steps Every Church Must Take

Happy New Year! In my message this past weekend, I referenced an article from Christianity Today by Karl Vaters. Here is the article – I truly believe it is worth reading. As we can only publish in part, the entire piece can be viewed on the link below.

God Bless each of you.



Everything but Jesus and the Bible must be on the table.

The church is not dying. It’s in fine shape.

Jesus said he’d build it, and he is. Relentlessly and beautifully.

But individual congregations, denominations and ideologies? Now that’s another story.

While the church of Jesus around the world continues to move forward, chasing away the darkness with the light of Jesus, many local expressions of the church are watching their candles flicker in recent years.

Recalibrate Church

I believe the next decade or two will be critical for the western church. The culture around us is experiencing a once-in-a-millennium shift right now. A recalibration of the way we think about everything from our morality, to our sexuality, to our identity, and our theology.

It’s only just beginning. And the pace of it is being propelled into hyper-speed by new technology.

So what’s the local church to do? We must hold two seemingly competing ideals in our hands at the same time.

Ideal #1: Stand strong on the unchanging principles of God’s Word.

Ideal #2: Adapt our methods to a fast-changing world.

If we hope to do these two things well, local congregations must reinforce the following 10 principles. And the sooner we get to work on them, the better.

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