Urgent Prayer for Liberia

Ebola Update from Liberia

Friends, the situation in Liberia is desperate and our friends really need your prayers.  Please read the below email from Kim Smith and Don Riley, our partners in Liberia.  Please Pray!


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Sep 09, 2014 01:45 pm

Here is a letter from Kim Smith concerning Ebola.  Kim is our partnering missionary who is in Liberia.  Please pray for Liberia!

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“Liberia has suffered!  They just finished a 15 year civil war that killed 250,000 people.   And, even before Ebola, Liberia was rated as the most corrupt county in the world and tied with being the most miserable.

Recently, in one day there were 60 new Ebola cases in Liberia.  We also had our greatest increase of new cases, 300, in one week.  The many treatment centers have far exceeded their capacity.  They cannot accept new patients.  The unexpected influx of patients has forced them to reduce their level of care.  It is not currently possible, for example, to administer intravenous treatments. The situation in Foya, Lofa County, is chaotic, with shortages of essential protective equipment, and not enough resources to transfer patients or safely bury the Ebola victims.  There is growing number of those sick and exposed that are running away which now makes contact tracing ineffective and containment impossible.

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, arrived in Liberia to assess the Ebola outbreak. The situation “is overwhelming,” he said.  The outbreak “really is a crisis and is affecting most if not all the counties in Liberia already.”  He emphasized that the toll is “far larger than has been recorded, not because they are trying to hide anything but because they are really overwhelmed by these numbers.  Beyond this, he said, the cases are increasing at an extremely quick rate, and this is very alarming.” As bad as the Ebola situation is, Frieden warned that the worst is yet to come. “Unfortunately, we are definitely not at the peak. It’s going to get worse before it gets better,” he said. “The real question is how much worse will it get? How many more people will be infected and how much more risk to the world will there be?”

The death toll of Ebola will never be accurately known.  The workers of one hospital got scared and ran, refusing to return to work.  The hospital closed and 70 non-Ebola patients died and were buried in a mass grave.  Many hospitals and clinics have closed.  Those that are open have about 10% of their normal patient load because the sick are scared to go to the hospitals.

The president announced a State of Emergency.  All public meeting have been stopped.  All schools have been closed.  Most travel between counties has been stopped.  Most government workers have been laid off and are unpaid.  Only essential government employees are to report to work and those reporting to work are not being paid because most all government money is being used to fight Ebola.  The price of rice, the primary food of the Liberian, has doubled.  Political rivals of the president are using this crisis as an opportunity to increase the instability of the government.

I am at a loss for the right words to express the suffering of the people of this country and it is getting worse.  Pray for Liberia!  Pray for us as we commit to reaching the lost for Christ.”


Wordsower International: Liberia Branch

August, 2014 Ministry Report

The mission of Jesus; “not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Pet 3:9 NIV), is also our mission.

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Our mission is that every village of Liberia will have a healthy church.  Most of the towns and villages of Liberia have no church. We have worked in over 400 villages in 12 counties.  This month we made 107 mission trips, visiting 129 villages and other locations and we made many other local mission trips. Some of the towns we were in multiple times. We went into 32 new communities.  Our longest mission trip was 6 days the shortest a few hours. 21 were baptized and 53 completed our extensive Bible study program. We had 4 marriages. We printed and distributed approximately 122,000 pages of training material.  Several factors affect how many mission trips we can go on each month; illness, injuries, and availability of money are some.

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Sacrificial Soldiers of the Cross: Many of the villages are very remote.  The “bridges” are sometimes 3 small logs over a big creek.  The logs are spaced apart.  The center log is for the bike tires the two outside logs for the feet of the driver.  The logs are sometimes slick, old, and weak and they break.  Twice crossing such bridges this month the bike and driver fell.  One fall was about an 8 foot drop!  The bikes landed on the drivers in the creek trapping them, an easy death trap.  Praise God their injuries were not major.  No death.  Another driver had to put his bike in a large canoe to get to a village.  While there heavy rains sunk the canoe causing problems on his return.  This is the rainy season there were many wreaks, some of our disciples were wounded and bikes were damaged.Liberia 5

DK and Larpoo on the right

Ebola and Gbarnga, Bong County:  Delka, his wife and 2 young children are manning our new base in Bong County.  Where they live is a serious hotspot for Ebola.  Gbarnga, the capital city for the county, has several communities under isolation.  Gbarnga is in chaos and a very dangerous place to live!!  Please be in prayer for them.

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Panic Increases:  One morning at about 5:00 AM I was taking a man, on motorbike, to town to find him transport to the next county.  On our way in the rainy darkness we came across to 2 gangs, at different points, blocking the street, waving machetes and yelling for us to stop.  Each time I chose not to.  One grabbed the handle bars and jerked trying to cause me to wreck, but I was able to recover. After passing the gauntlet we inspected ourselves.  No injuries or damage.  I waited until daylight to return home.    Zwedru’s Ebola Isolation Camp:  Zwedru has an Ebola isolation camp.  It currently houses 9 who are under observation.  No one has shown signs of the sickness but each was with family members who had died of Ebola.  I have been allowed to enter for Bible distribution and teaching.  Of course, I have a captive interested audience!  They are eager to hear the Gospel of Christ and how to gain their salvation.  I have been going to them almost every day.

One Testimony of Many:  Mohammad, a Muslim and former high ranking rebel solider, met WSL while in prison.  He participated genocidal massacres in Serra Leon (remember Blood Diamond?). Upon his release from prison he came to us.  We have been giving him yard work and been teaching him about Christ and salvation.

Wordsower Bible Institute:  Our school has been closed.  The president has announced a State of Emergency.  All schools have been closed throughout the country to help to stop the spread of Ebola.  We do not know when the state of emergency will be lifted and schools allowed to reopen.

Prayer requests:  Pray for Liberia!  Pray that this Ebola plague will bring many to repentance and salvation.  Pray for a great revival to sweep through this country.  Pray for a healthy church in every village in our generation, that every Liberian can walk small and find a healthy church.   Please make this prayer part of your daily prayers.  Our roads have been blocked to stop the spread of the disease.  We need Bibles, paper and press supplies from Monrovia, the capital.  Pray that our Lord will give safe passage of these essential supplies.