The Power of God’s Word

The Bible is unlike any other book for many reasons.  God’s Word is the only book inspired by the Holy Spirit.  It is the only book that God has promised to use to change lives.

Recently one of our families passed on this letter from a missionary they support.  It is a powerful story of God at work.  I hope you enjoy it!

The Day Jesus Miraculously Stopped a Suicide Bomber

I wish I could divulge the location where it happened, but security is too tight.  Lives would be endangered.  Let’s just say you would be astonished!

A “JESUS” film team had taken a courageous step, going into a village in a dangerous, mountainous area.  They brought a DVD of “JESUS.”  The team gathered about 250 people into a community hall.  They plugged a small DVD player into a television already there and closed the windows for secrecy.

It was crowded and tight and the screen was relatively small, but everyone stayed and watched the entire “JESUS” film.  The film, perhaps the most biblically faithful film on the life of Christ, is part of the JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Cru.

When it came time for the team to give an invitation to receive Christ (another courageous act here that could get them killed), a man sitting on the floor stood.  He opened his shirt so all could see.

Strapped to his chest were explosives…a suicide vest.  Panic set in…

“Wait…wait! Don’t leave.  I’m not going to blow myself up.  I need to tell you what just happened.” It took several minutes to convince the people to stay, and at last they did.

“I heard that you were going to show a blasphemous film.  I went to my leaders and they agreed you should die.  I strapped on this bomb and came to kill you all.

“When the film stated I reached for the detonator and tried to push the button.  But as I watched the film, Jesus turned and pointed right at me.  He called my name and said, ‘Don’t do that …follow Me.’

“Over and over I tried.  Every time I reached for the button He pointed to me and said, ‘Don’t do that …follow Me.’  My hand froze every time.  I couldn’t move my thumb.  I gave up and just stayed to watch.

“Now I believe.  I want Jesus to be my Savior.  Can you help me know more about Him?”

The team leader said, “Yes, of course, but first you must take off that vest!”The would-be suicide bomber went out from the building, far away, took it off, disarming the explosives.  He returned and the team prayed for him – but that’s not all.

Remember that this is an extremely dangerous area, one intensely hostile to Christianity.  Anyone leaving their traditions can expect to be killed.

The Word of God contained in “JESUS” had just spoken to the people.  It was a powerful experience as they learned the truth of the gospel for the first time ever.  Further, the people were amazed by this man’s testimony.  He was a radical who would stop at nothing.  They know they had just seen a miracle.

When the film leader asked who wanted to receive Christ and pray, everyone did…all of them! The next day, the team held a service where 250 new believers were baptized in their new faith, including the man with the suicide vest!  Again, if I told you were this happened, you would be astonished.

How powerful is our God!  How loving that He claimed a would-be suicide bomber as His own along with everyone in that room the man had come to destroy.

The account comes directly from ministry leaders of high character and eyewitness teams.  They are just as amazed as we are – and they work in these areas!  May God alone receive all the glory, honor and praise “…that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the LORD is mighty, so that you may fear the LORD your God forever” (Joshua 4:24, NASB).