What is on Your “Must Have” Christmas List?

If you Google “must have Christmas gifts,” you will find sites that list the most sought-after watches, gadgets, toys, computers and tech devices. What is on your “must have” list this year?

This past Saturday a man talked with me in the church foyer and asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told him that I had everything I needed and that there was not anything I really wanted for Christmas.

He paused a second, then stepped toward me and gave me a hug. He explained that everyone needs a hug at Christmas. It caused me to think about my answer to him. I was too quick to say that I do not need or want anything. Truth be told, there are some things on my “must have ” Christmas list.

None of the things on my list can be found at a mall or purchased with money.

Joy is on my list. I want to experience the joy of giving to the needy. This is a great time of the year to give and serve. I am looking forward to spending time with our family with eating, laughing and sharing together. I want to hear the laughter and screams of my grandchildren as I pull them on a sled behind the tractor. These events are filled with indescribable joy.

I love the joy of giving a special financial gift of thanksgiving and sacrifice to The Lord and to the vision of Woodside. I know that lives will be changed because of it. I love the joy of hearing the stories of how Jesus changed the lives of people. Many become followers of Christ during this time of year.

I want to experience the peace that was promised in the coming of Christ. In the midst of a crazy Christmas schedule I want to reflect on that special peace I have in knowing Christ and walking with him. I am looking forward to the many opportunities of sharing that peace with others during the Christmas services.

On my “must have” list is all of the blessings that come from worshiping with the Woodside family. I love people and I enjoy our times together to sing, to pray, to greet and to hug. After all of the Christmas Eve services, Carolyn and I will arrive at home around 2 a.m. Christmas morning. We will be tired but energized having spent Christmas Eve with thousands of the most wonderful people in the world.

So, I have lots of things on my “must have” Christmas list, but all of them I can make happen by spending time with people. How about you? What is on your “must have” list?