The Hardest Job in the World

In my opinion, the hardest job in the world is also the most important job in the world – it’s parenting.

Parenting is so important because we are called to shape the lives of people – our children. We will affect their character, choices, successes and failures for many years. As parents we can impact our children for Christ, introducing them to a lifetime of worship and relationship in addition to an eternity in His presence.

No one, especially in their earlier years, can have a greater influence on our children than we as parents. So we are careful to model Christ-like character and be diligent to teach them about God through His Word. We exercise measured, biblical discipline as we train them to ascertain what is right and wrong. The goal of our discipline is to see our children become self-disciplined, living under the authority of a living, loving God.

While at times our teaching and training are formal, the classroom is open 24/7 as our children watch and hear us do life. Imitation is the most powerful teaching method available.

Parenting is also the most difficult job for several reasons. First, for many, parenting involves on-the-job training. No single class or weekend seminar can train a parent to handle all of the issues at each developmental level of a child. When we make mistakes (we all do), we seldom get a mulligan (a “do-over”). We quickly learn the lesson and move on.

Second, the job of parenting never ends; it just changes. While parenting may start with indoctrination, it transitions to coaching, mentoring and advising. Of course, through all stages, we are praying for our children… and then their children.

Third, parenting is tough because there is very little support from our culture to reinforce biblical teaching. In fact, too often the cultural forces are in dramatic conflict with Christian values. Our kids are hearing multiple voices that make life more challenging for both kids and parents.

Parents don’t despair; there is help and hope for this most difficult and most important task. The Bible shares many guidelines and principles regarding parenting. The Woodside Bible Bookstore also offers many helpful books to equip parents.

For some practical application as well, we have internationally renowned psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman coming to Woodside’s Troy Campus for some special parenting seminars on Sunday, October 27 and Monday, October 28. These are some great opportunities to get biblical insight as well as hands-on parenting helps. Tickets are $25 for all three seminars and you can purchase them at

At Woodside Bible we are a family and we want to learn and grow together, supporting each other as parents. Our Kids Ministry stands with parents to train their children to be men and women of God – let’s keep taking this job seriously and doing our best, in God’s strength, to be parents who honor the Lord.