As I write this blog our federal government continues in shutdown mode. We probably all have our opinions about the problem, who is to blame, and how to solve it. I will not bore you with my solutions.

Perhaps for many Americans, cynicism has taken over. Our elected officials are engaged in name calling, blame shifting and waiting for the other to blink. The media has joined the fray and eagerly seems poised to declare the winners and losers.

The Washington mess is a solemn reminder that we live in a broken world that desperately needs to be fixed. That day will come when The Lord returns to rule and reign. He will reign with righteousness and peace.  While we look forward to that day, we long to see progress today.

As Christ followers we cannot become detached; we must be engaged as good citizens.  Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul remind us to pay our taxes, to give honor and respect and to pray. May our disgust and cynicism be turned to prayers for our leaders to look to God for guidance, to remember their calling and responsibility, to treat each other with respect and dignity (even in the midst of dramatic disagreement) and to rule and govern this great nation with humility and integrity.

As you have just finished reading this, will you take a minute to pray?

4 Responses to Shutdown
  1. Robert Wegner

    Thanks, Pastor Doug. I needed that reminder.

  2. Sara Wegner

    Thank you, good advice and much appreciated in these troubled times.

  3. Ken Kaiser, Houston, TX

    Very well said, Doug.

    I know of your ministry through Karon Houghton Mathews, a dear friend from way back in High School.

  4. Peter Mannering

    Very well said and so needed in these times.
    I agree, let’s pray and do good…