Subtle Signs of Pride

Pride is one of those areas where many people struggle. Humility does not come naturally and once a person thinks he/she has humility, he/she probably just lost it.

The Bible speaks so much about pride. We know that God hates pride and that pride leads to destruction. Humility was both taught and modeled by Jesus Christ. The road of humility promises the blessing of being exalted by God in due time.

There are obvious signs of pride, such as: boasting, refusing to admit a mistake, wanting to be served … I think it is possible for a person to not demonstrate any of the obvious signs and yet still be proud – and not even know it.

Here are some subtle signs of pride:

  1. Irritation when others are advanced instead of us
  2. Claiming credit for a victory – refusing to deflect the praise
  3. Self-absorbed – ignoring the needs and hurts of others
  4. Unwilling to take rebuke – refusal to listen without becoming defensive or even offensive
  5. Lack of thanksgiving – thinking we have earned or deserve the blessings of life
  6. Judgmental attitude – finding faults with others in order to better position ourselves
  7. Lack of transparency – not trusting others with who we are, thinking we don’t need anyone else
  8. Poor prayer life – this is a sign of independence from God, thinking we can live life without him

The Scriptures speak clearly to each of these. In effect, one will not find any of these while studying the life of Jesus. Pride, like all sins, needs to be confessed. I must be constantly reminded of the command of Scripture to take on the mind or attitude of Jesus.