Grieving and the Newtown Tragedy

If you go to a hospital emergency room, somebody there may ask you what your pain number is.  That number may determine the kind and speed of treatment. For the families in Newtown, CT there is no number can can rate their pain. We all hurt so deeply for each of the victim’s families. The story of the elementary school massacre has dominated our thoughts, brought tears to our eyes and has focused our prayers.

In the days ahead there will be many who will offer solutions so this does not ever happen again. While I am sure that there is a lot that can and should be done, until the sin in the human heart is dealt with there will always be incidents that cause unspeakable sorrow and pain. But what about these grieving families?  How do they deal with the pain? How do you go on after placing your “baby” in a casket?  How long does it take before the hurt becomes bearable?  How do you keep from being consumed by the anger and imprisoned by the pain?

I am thankful that there is help for these families. A nation will grieve with them. Counseling experts will commit their time and expertise to bring emotional and spiritual healing. Time will provide some help. But the greatest help comes from a God who understands pain and loss. God’s heart is touched with our grief. God declared to Israel, “I am the Lord your HEALER”. Throughout Scripture God is described as the one who heals the broken hearted.  Along the three year journey of Jesus to the cross, he healed so many. The blind, the demon possessed, the grieving parents, the guilt ridden sinner, the lame and the list goes on.  In the words of Jesus, “Come unto me….”

As I write this blog I am weeping as I listen to the song “Healing is in your Hands.”.

Please watch and listen by clicking the video below and together let’s pray that these grieving families and a nation might find the healing that only God can bring.

One Response to Grieving and the Newtown Tragedy
  1. Ralph Chambers

    Violence Fills the Land

    Where does all this violence come from? What is at war in “OUR” members? Lust, greed to get what is unattainable. Fighting’s wars and killing because we never ask. Who’d thimk of asking “OUR” Father for what we cannot have? Unanswered prayer is better than “OUR” all consuming lusts, which is the worst kind of evil ever, killing for what is undeserved.

    A loose cannon shoots off from what is stored up resentment, unfair restrictions suppressed beyond control. Trying to “do it” “OUR”self only frustrates the problem when we are out-of-our minds. “We have not because we ask not.” “Hallowedness” comes as a gift we ask for in knowing You hear and answer “OUR” prayer.

    We’re asking so that “OUR” joy may “BE” full. Please come now and “BE” “OUR” Savior. Rescue us from the evil one who kills and destroys. “OUR” sorry sins have shut You out, unconfessed, they only lead us to “OUR” own way. “If we confess ‘OUR’ sins, You are faithful and just to forgive us ‘OUR’ sins and cleanse us from all un-right-in-us.” Restore unto us the joy of “OUR” salvation and uphold us with Your free Spirit. Only then can sinners “BE” converted in turning towards You.

    Yours is an everlasting Kingdom in power and great glory! Save us from “OUR”selves.