What elections will NOT change

It is finally here.

The election countdown that began a couple of years ago is now just a few days away. I am thankful to be living in a country where we have the opportunity to vote and with our votes make a difference in people, policy and direction. As followers of Christ we must all take very seriously this privilege and responsibility of voting.

I am also thankful to live in a country where there has always been a peaceful transition of power in  local to national elections.  We have no record of military coups or the overthrow of governments as some other countries have experienced.

No matter what happens on Tuesday, on Wednesday morning I know the following things will still be true:

  1. God will still be on the throne as the sovereign One who was and is and always will be exalted high and lifted up. Please read Isaiah 40.
  2. We still will have a responsibility as followers of Christ to pray for all government leaders that have been placed over us. Please read 1 Timothy 2:1-4.
  3. Our responsibility to reach this world by making disciples for Jesus Christ will not change. We know that the answer to this world’s major problem is found only in Jesus Christ. Please read 2 Corinthians 5:20.
  4. There will still be people who are hungry, thirsty, without parents, without houses…without hope. As followers of Jesus we must bring hope and help to the needy.
  5. There will still be need to look to God for His help, His promises and His Kingdom. Elections may bring changes but they do not usher in spiritual kingdoms.  Like Abraham we look forward to a city whose builder and maker is God. While we love our country and we endeavor to be the best citizens possible, we look forward to the day when Jesus will rule and set up his kingdom and he will reign on the throne of David forever and ever. Please read Hebrews 11:13-16.
3 Responses to What elections will NOT change
  1. Pam

    Per usual, you are right on the money. I am so thankful to have you as my Pastor. Way to go Bernard!!!!

  2. Jill Goldsby

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what we have been saying, only much more eloquently put!

  3. Jill Damron

    These are the words that everyone needs to hear to calm and refocus us. It is in God’s~ hands as we are!