In God we trust

On this morning after a national election, approximately half of our country is elated while the other half is disappointed. According to the national exit polls, the evangelical church also shares those same divided emotions based on the vote split (60% for Romney, 40% for Obama).

While the bombardment of political advertising has ended, the exit poll analysis and post-election evaluation will dominate the next few days. Both winning and losing candidates and parties on all levels will be trying to learn the lessons from this election.

What are the lessons for the church? Let me suggest just one from Scripture. When Nebuchadnezzar, the strongest ruler of the world at the time, bragged of his greatness, a voice from heaven informed him that he would be humbled “until you know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will.” (Daniel 4:32)

This message is not for President Obama or for Governor Romney, this is the message for the evangelical church.

God rules and he does whatever he wants. We may not always understand or even agree, but we always trust our God.

6 Responses to In God we trust
  1. Barb Johnson

    Thanks…that helps!

  2. Dea Chesnutt

    Thank you for these words.

  3. Pam

    God is large, and in charge!!!

  4. Rafael Davila

    Interesting that 40% of the evangelical church supports a platform that goes against the word of God…

  5. Susan Fulcher

    Although very disappointed, I know God is Sovereign and still on the throne. I truly believe God is directing Woodside to do His proper and true will in our neighborhoods and communities and across the world.

  6. Jerry Orlando

    I have to say I’m disappointed and still processing, but I know GOD is still in control of man’s coming’s and goings. I”m very thankful & blessed that Woodside preaches the whole bible and we as believers can stand on its promises.